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Magick Faery Butterfly

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This is pudding_girl's Spiritual Journal.

This Journal

* I shall be recording my Spiritual Journey using this livejournal.

* You may befriend me if you wish.

* My 'memories' and 'tags' will be set up to help search
through my entries.

* My introduction and FAQ's can be found in my 'memories'.

* You may also befriend me on my main livejournal if you like.


* You may call me Ashiy or Amelia, either is welcome.

* I am 23 years old and am a qualified Teaching Assistant with a Psychology degree.

* I begun my spiritual journey about 5 years ago even though I have
been drawn to this side since childhood.

* My 'spiritual side' loves the colour green.
My 'normal side' loves the colour purple.

* My Sun sign is Sagittarius. My Ascendant is in Scorpio.
My moon is in Scorpio.

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